SKYCITY reveals first low carbon menu at The Sugar Club

SKYCITY’s The Sugar Club is combining fine dining and climate change action with New Zealand’s first ever low carbon menu developed with Enviro-Mark Solutions.

Expertly created by Executive Chef, Josh Barlow, in partnership with Enviro-Mark Solutions and WWF-New Zealand, the three-course menu has been measured and assessed as low carbon using only locally sourced ingredients. The low carbon menu will be revealed tonight at an exclusive event, in celebration of World Environment Day.

Following this evenings event, a low carbon dish, which will be labelled ‘low carbon icon’, and become a permanent item on The Sugar Club menu, alongside their existing vegan options and range of cocktails using sustainably source ingredients.

Mr Barlow says he’s excited that The Sugar Club will be the first restaurant in New Zealand to offer diners with an option assessed by Enviro-Mark Solutions for those conscious of their own carbon footprint.

“The Sugar Club is committed to exploring sustainable initiatives that will reduce our climate change impacts. We pride our self on leading in culinary innovation and acknowledging the growing consumer demands for transparency around where their food is coming from, how it has been sourced and the impact it has on our environment,” says Mr Barlow.

Courtney Simpson, Group Manager – Sustainability, says since announcing SKYCITY’s climate change strategy earlier this year, we have continued to look at innovative ways to reduce carbon and educate our staff and customers on how this can be achieved.

“SKYCITY is proud to be one of many global leaders in the climate change space. Developing a low carbon menu and low carbon icon is another step towards supporting our customers to make environmentally friendly decisions when they are in our precincts across Australia and New Zealand,” says Miss Simpson.

Dr Ann Smith, Enviro-Mark Solutions Chief Executive, says that the thorough assessment process considered both the Clune 2017 Study* and WWF’s guide* in selecting menu items. The carbon footprint of the meal was calculated to ensure it sits within best practice international guidelines to limit global warming to below two degrees Celsius.

“In creating and assessing the low carbon menu, each ingredient was selected and measured based on embodied carbon factors.  Also included in the measurement was the distance and mode of transport from product source to The Sugar Club, the method of cooking and the waste generated, composted and recycled,” says Dr Smith.

In celebration of the event, the Sky Tower lights will be turned off this evening. Visitors to The Sugar Club will be able to try the new low carbon dish from the 6th June, which will be identified as low carbon icon on the menu. SKYCITY aims to add low carbon dishes, featuring the low carbon icon, to other SKYCITY restaurant menus across our precincts in New Zealand and Australia.

**  WWF Guide and Clune 2017 Study

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