Responsible Gambling

We take our responsibilities as a host very seriously and each of our properties has a robust Host Responsibility Programme in place. Our commitment in this space reflects our international operations with the highest standards applied to safeguard each of our communities.

When done responsibly, gambling is a fun and enjoyable entertainment activity. However, it can also have harmful effects on some individuals, their families, and their communities. Our challenge is therefore to ensure that our business provides entertaining and profitable, yet safe and responsible, experiences and environments.

Maintaining Leading and Best Practice Host Responsibility:

We are immensely proud of the culture of care we have developed within our casinos and continue to focus on ways to ensure that this culture of care is maintained and that we have the highest standard of host responsibility best practice. Over the past financial year, we implemented additional host responsibility technology measures to improve our ability to prevent and minimise harm from problem gambling, including:

  • The expanded use of facial recognition technology to alert Host Responsibility staff when a gambler of interest enters a SkyCity gaming area; 

  • Upgrading SkyCity’s customer relationship management tool, iTrak, with improved usability and reporting functionality, which further improves SkyCity’s ability to be insight-led; and 

  • Updating the internal data used to support the Focal predictive algorithm risk model with the latest behavioural criteria to ensure that the algorithm is analysing customer behaviour based on our most recent behavioural data.

In addition to technology enhancements, we also established a new team of Responsible Gambling Hosts in Auckland and Hamilton who provide additional and dedicated host responsibility coverage in gaming areas. Working collaboratively with our Gaming Machines, Table Games, Security and Surveillance teams, the Responsible Gambling Hosts are responsible for:

  • Proactively monitoring the main gaming floor for customers who remain within the casino or play for extended periods and approach and interact with customers as required;

  • Assist with the actioning of continuous play system alerts; 

  • Assist with the actioning of continuous presence system alerts; and

  • Act as a visible point of contact for customers that would like to know more about SkyCity’s host responsibility practices.

A robust Host Responsibility Programme is in place at each of our physical sites, and within SkyCity Online Casino, to prevent and minimise harm from problem gambling. All SkyCity staff receive training in host responsibility awareness. A dedicated team of experienced host responsibility specialists are employed at each of SkyCity’s land-based casinos and, through our partnership with GiG, an experienced harm minimisation team is in place for SkyCity Online Casino.

In a dynamic casino environment, maintaining effectiveness, relevancy and consistency in harm minimisation best practice is an ongoing challenge. In response to that challenge, SkyCity continues to explore available technology solutions, seek expert advice, consult stakeholder groups and source a range of research material 

Signs and Symptoms

SkyCity is committed to promoting responsible gaming behaviour.

SkyCity promotes a range of tools in order to facilitate responsible gambling – however, exclusion is an equally important host responsibility offering for those who may be vulnerable to problem gambling. Our casinos offer extensive information to customers about exclusion options and referral details to problem gambling support services, including gambling helplines and face-to-face counselling organisations.

In New Zealand, customers can choose to exclude themselves from all SkyCity casinos in New Zealand for a period of up to two years. In some cases, SkyCity itself makes the decision to exclude a customer as a means to prevent risk of harm occurring, or as a means to stop further harm through a customer’s gambling at SkyCity’s casinos. In Adelaide, customers can also choose to exclude themselves from the SkyCity Adelaide casino and, in some cases, SkyCity itself or the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner makes the decision to exclude a customer – all exclusions are referred to Consumer and Business Services (the South Australian Gaming regulator).

In 2022, we introduced a dedicated team of Responsible Gambling Hosts in Auckland and Hamilton whose focus is to proactively monitor and interact with uncarded players, action long play alerts for carded and uncarded players, action long stay alerts, and act as a source of host responsibility information for all customers. With the size of our customer base and premises, it can be a challenge to identify individuals immediately and, despite our best efforts and measures (including new technologies), some individuals may nonetheless find ways to elude staff and re-enter a SkyCity casino.

The signs and symptoms of problem gambling include:

  • Gambling makes home life unhappy

  • Feeling sad or unhappy after gambling

  • Trying to win back losses

  • Gambling to escape worry or trouble

  • Changing sleeping or eating habits due to gambling

  • Borrowing to finance gambling

  • Considering committing or actually committing an illegal act to finance

  • Considering harming yourself as a result of gambling

We partner with local experts and support agencies to ensure we have the resources in place for harm minimisation and prevention.

How Can We Help?

Each of our SkyCity casino websites provides specific information about how we help through our world-leading Host Responsibility Programmes. To get effective support in your local community, see your local casino’s website.