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SkyCity celebrates St Patrick's Day with The Cookie Project

SkyCity Auckland is proud to announce the beginning of a new partnership with The Cookie Project.


The Cookie Project is a certified social enterprise that employs Kiwis with disabilities to make award winning cookies.


SkyCity has been a supporter of the organisation right from its inception, and over the past year has purchased more than 15,000 delicious cookies for our customers, generating almost 200 hours of paid employment for disabled workers.


Chief Executive Officer Michael Ahearne says in 2021, SkyCity will double that commitment.


“SkyCity is thrilled to be partnering with The Cookie Project and we’re delighted to announce that this year, we will purchase nearly 40,000 cookies, generating close to 500 hours of paid employment for people with disabilities,” says Ahearne.


Ahearne, who is Irish, made the announcement during a visit to The Cookie Project kitchen, where he helped bake cookies for SkyCity’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations.


“It was an unbelievably rewarding experience visiting The Cookie Project kitchen, the team there have had real challenges in life, but they are extremely passionate about their craft and are living proof that through purpose comes success,” says Ahearne.


The Cookie Project Co-Founder Eric Chuah says the commitment from SkyCity will help secure the future for their team of bakers.


“When corporates like SkyCity show this kind of commitment it means we can guarantee employment hours and, establish full time work for all eight of our bakers. Once we do that, we can then potentially offer employment to some of the 40 people currently on our wait list,” says Chuah.


“In New Zealand 1 in 4 people have a disability, their employment rate is just 22% and some are paid as low as $1.75 an hour. By creating meaningful employment and paying them an adult wage, we’re aiming to helps Kiwis with disabilities understand their own value and their importance to society,” says Chuah.


“SkyCity is committed to making a significant contribution to our communities, and we’re thrilled to support a business promoting sustained, inclusive, and productive employment for all,” says Ahearne.


The Cookie Project’s special St Patrick’s Day cookies will be available today at SkyCity Auckland from Midday until late.

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