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ASX/NZX Announcement: Change of senior manager

Pursuant to NZX Listing Rule 10.6.1(d), SKYCITY Entertainment Group Limited advises that, following a restructure of the company’s Innovation Department, Chief Innovation Officer Sonya Crosby will leave SKYCITY effective from 5 January 2018. Following her departure, Ms Crosby has agreed to assist the company in an advisory capacity until 5 April 2018.

Ms Crosby was appointed to the newly created role of Chief Innovation Officer in January 2016 to establish an Innovation Department with responsibility for developing and implementing key strategic initiatives to enhance the customer experience across all areas of the SKYCITY business, including harnessing data and new emerging technologies to deliver valuable new offerings.

To ensure greater emphasis and focus on the company’s strategic innovation initiatives across all parts of the SKYCITY Group going forward, the Innovation Department will no longer remain as a separate department. The Department’s capability and resourcing will instead be embedded within the existing marketing and operations functions to ensure such initiatives are better aligned with the company’s strategic business initiatives.

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