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ASX/NZX Announcement - Update to ASX Appendix 3A.1 Notification of Dividend

SKYCITY Entertainment Group Limited has updated the Appendix 3A.1 Notification of Dividend/Distribution lodged with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on 9 February 2017 in relation to the half year dividend payable to shareholders of the company on 17 March 2017 to record the:

a) applicable New Zealand dollar/Australian dollar exchange rate, being NZD/AUD of 0.9208; and

b) price at which each new share will be issued under the SKYCITY Dividend Reinvestment Plan (which includes a 2% discount), being NZ$3.9704.

Attached is a copy of the updated Appendix 3A.1, which was lodged with ASX today.


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