Host Responsibility

Our commitment to our customers

Across SKYCITY Entertainment Group our properties host thousands of visitors every week. We take our responsibilities as a host very seriously.

All SKYCITY properties have comprehensive host responsibility initiatives to ensure guests enjoy an environment that is safe, responsible, and regulated.

Staff training

  • All SKYCITY staff receive training about the responsible service of alcohol, problem gambling awareness and the promotion of responsible gambling.

Preventing and minimising gambling harm

  • SKYCITY works closely with problem gambling service providers to assist in providing support to customers and others affected by gambling problems.
  • Our casinos offer extensive information for customers about exclusion options and referral details to problem gambling support services, including gambling help-lines and face-to-face counselling organisations.

Promoting safe and enjoyable gaming environments

  • SKYCITY takes all practicable steps to ensure under-aged persons do not enter our gaming areas. In New Zealand, the minimum age for entry to our casinos is 20 years. In Australia, it is 18 years.
  • Any person who is abusive or threatening to staff or other customers, causing conflict, or is otherwise unpleasant, may be escorted from the premises.  Intoxicated persons will be stopped from entering our premises.  
  • Customers suspected of loan sharking or engaging in other undesirable behaviour will be required to leave SKYCITY.
  • SKYCITY casinos provide non-smoking areas in excess of or in accordance with national or local legislation.
  • SKYCITY promotes a neat and tidy standard of dress.